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Tony Suber
Planned Giving Director
  • Tony Suber is recognized as among the foremost tax and philanthropic giving experts in the country, and currently serves as the Chairman and Executive Director of the Fifth Element Fund (DAF).
  • His extensive experience spans the forefront of philanthropic advisement, consultation, and Donor Advised Fund (DAF) administration for non-profit institutions and high net worth individuals.
  • Prior work includes serving as a Director of Development for the University of Notre Dame, and an executive who led double-digit growth for his team inside Liberty Mutual Group.
Bryan Doreian
Chief Development Magus
  • Strategic advisor/business developer for several blockchain projects including RedPen, PIVX, WhistleAI, NUMO
  • Founded a number of startups, including a thriving education technology company (Wysebridge), a holistic healthcare platform (elev3n), a decentralized infrastructure for developers to build peer to peer applications (Pocket Network), and an ecommerce solution (Vendible) that leverages social networks and layered confidence mechanisms for safe transactions using both traditional and digital/cryptocurrency payments.
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude with dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and dual minors in Mathematics and Biology from Geneva College.
Kelsey Cole
  • Named of Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 Smartest Young Thinkers in Marketing.
  • Has worked for L’Oréal and led PR at Revlon Canada before starting her own successful digital communications & advertising agency servicing clients like Tesla & TIFF.
  • Chief Strategy Officer of Adbank – a canadian startup aiming to fight the $50 billion digital ad fraud problem using AI & blockchain technology.
  • Advisor to Tel-Aviv based blockchain travel startup Cool Cousin, and Seattle based RedPen founded by a former member of the US intelligence community and 4x Grammy winning duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

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  • A fine example of atomic design brought to life. As a seasoned template user, I really appreciate the consistent styling for all common tags, it makes customising the sections that much easier. 5 stars as always for an amazing template.

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  • I love the ease-of-use the builder provides – I can quickly test different combinations and experiment with font and color combinations to find that sweet spot. Kudos for the amazing support too, really quick turnaround!

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  • It’s clear to see just how seriously these guys take design. I’ve never come across a template with the level of polish as this – and don’t even get me started on the page builder, there is simply NO competition. Customer for life.

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