SDG Impact Fund

The Fifth Element Fund has just launched with select innovators around the world an historic SDG Impact Fund to bring bold new capital, capacity, frontier tools and last mile solutions delivery across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDG Impact Fund will create a new edge for what is possible in transforming our great challenges — from poverty and hunger, to gender equity, climate change and peace and security — by purposing new digital frontier tools to meet the needs of the last mile, that includes the two billion unbanked, those living on less than $2 a day, and the 3.5 billion without access to the internet.
The Fifth Element Fund hosted SDG Impact Fund is designed to enable donors to address these specific challenges by levering the distinct attributes of a DAF structure to change the risk profile; and directing this capacity to liberate leaders to experiment, collaborate and take innovation risks at the intersection of collective impact and decentralization at a scale, not previously possible.
The SDG Impact Fund, is a Donor Advised Fund program offered in partnership with Fifth Element Fund (FEF). FEF is an independent public charity dedicated to helping individuals effectively reach their philanthropic goals while maximizing the impact of their gifts. Contributions to The SDG Impact Fund are irrevocable and may be tax-deductible as of the date the contribution is made.