The SDG Impact Fund builds on the well-proven Donor Advised Fund (“DAF”) model and provides unique advantages to SDG-minded donor-investors.
The SDG Impact Fund is uniquely committed to marshalling the exponential power of the digital and impact frontiers to transform what is possible for humanity, prosperity and planet. The SDG Impact Fund is one of the only fully independent DAFs in the United States, and the first to accept and deploy traditional assets and all forms of crypto, token and digital assets to deliver the kinds of aspirational collaborations as well as moonshot ventures that will be necessary to meet the the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
Donor Advised Funds are the fastest-growing charitable vehicle in the United States. DAFs hold a particular capacity to liberate capital by levering the highest tax advantages to convert donations into both grants AND impact investments that can be deployed worldwide in innovative and game-changing ways. We are a leader in what is becoming known as MRI (Mission-Related Investing) strategies.  Let us show you how the MRI strategy can work for you.
The SDG Impact Fund has also been at the forefront of introducing “DAF 3.0” by marshaling the full power of blockchain and digital asset technologies to create leverage for social impact not previously possible.  Ask us for some case study examples.
By re-purposing crypto and tokenized digital assets through the seasoned principles and experience in venture philanthropy combined with impact investing and global systems innovation, the SDG Impact Fund is positioned to lead our donor-investors into a new frontier of impact.
This next frontier opens a collective opportunity for bold leaders, moving in community, to take momentous (and measurable) quantum leads towards a brighter, better future for generations to come.  Join with us.