About Us

Fifth Element Fund is quantum leaping the well-proven Donor Advised Fund (DAF) model into the 21st Century by uniting and marshalling the exponential power of the digital and impact frontiers to transform what is possible for humanity, prosperity and planet. Fifth Element Fund is one of the only fully independent DAFs in the United States, and the first to accept and deploy traditional assets and all forms of crypto, token and digital assets to deliver moonshots meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Donor Advised Funds are proven historic structures and are the fastest growing charitable vehicles in the United States. DAFs hold a unique capacity to liberate capital by levering the highest tax advantages to convert donations into both grants and high-risk impact investments that can be deployed worldwide in innovative and game-changing ways. The Fifth Element Fund introduces “DAF 3.0” by marshalling the full power of blockchain and digital asset technologies to create change not previously possible.
By re-purposing crypto and tokenized digital assets through the seasoned principles and experience of venture philanthropy, impact investing and global systems innovation, Fifth Element Fund is positioned to steward the vanguard of a new digital impact frontier. This next frontier opens a collective opportunity for bold leaders to take true quantum leads towards a future that moves beyond boundaries to democratize prosperity, recognize dignity, and elevate sustainability for humanity, planet and all generations to come.

Leadership Team

Tony Suber
Planned Giving Director
Bryan Doreian
Chief Development Magus
Kelsey Cole
Angelo Dodaro